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Business and Technology Consulting

Businesses are unique for they always look for profitability, Cost reduction or Productivity Improvements. We offer Software Support for Companies that wish to leverage latest technologies to bring about a positive change

Build and Sell Software Products

Over the few years. we have built products for Commercial Digital Print Industry, Wedding Album Printers and to FMCG companies. We work with Entreprenuers of all sizes and help them achieve their product goals with Go to Market Products and Services.

Software Services

We provide Software Services in the areas of Digital Marketing, Mobile and Web App Development, Desktop Apps, Content Management Services. We utilize the latest web and mobile frameworks and provide value to our customers.

Software has SO much to offer. Are you ready?

You do not have to have an infrastructure to run your business. Trust you know this. The cloud offers all infrastructure and all you

have to do is make your staff ready to use cloiud for your business. Today's internet penetration has paved the way for busineses to make the best use of technology to reach and engage with the right audience. Whethere it is a Website or a Mobile app or a Content Management Platform - We help you to reach your goals quickly!

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Print Automation
We did a Print Automation project for a UK customer and saved 3 Minutes per Print Job. The customer has roughly about 4000 sheets to be printed. His turnaround to print a job has reduced significantly.
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Project Title 3
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Latest Blog Post
Now Open For Business
One thing is for sure that Technology is saving us time. If we are measuring our lives with time then technology is the answer. - Banks have stopped cash counters, stopped printing passbooks, stopped interacting with customers to a great extent and automating things that otherwise would take their entire day to do mundane work. Thanks to Technology. - Healthcare is now getting wearable technology to the market for disease preventive intelligence with the use of data analytics. - IOT has enabled to connect devices, assets and equipment, vehicles and assemble and analyze data to prevent theft, preventive maintenance and repairs, warranty claims and others that saves significant costs - Governments and other financial institutions have implemented distributed ledger for transparent transactions and brought tractability into it to protect the interest of the stakeholders. - Lots of startups researching on technology have sprouted across the world - Agriculture has tremendous potential for technology adoption as there is scarcity of Labor with rising costs due to penetration of mobiles in the rural areas. Young rural population does not work and are shifting to urban areas accepting non-agricultural jobs - Robotic process automation is going to replace customer service representatives and answer to the questions asked by customers in real time by adopting artificial intelligence - We also see tremendous potential of Drones that can carry Basic Health Kits to the patient when he is tuck at a Traffic - Every Business wishes to create a Mobile App with a niche segment in mind as there is lot of consumerism built over the last decade or more. You have a market for everything We are responsible and accountable for how best we can use the technology for. I am sure we still have lots of things to achieve yet!

We specialize in making your concepts a reality.

We help Entreprenuers to go to the market and also to the investors with a Proof of Concept or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a complete product. We collaborate. brainstorm, conceptualize and build features and freeze them for different milestones.  We review after each milestone is met. plan for next deliverables and do a continuous integration till the product is evolved. 


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