Frequently Asked Questions

How do I outsource work?

You can contact us via the form. We will sign an NDA and send. You can share your initial ides / scope of work for which we shall iterate with you and freeze the scope. Once we utually agree on the scope, we size it based on the scope or the user stories you share with us. Once you go ahead, we can start the project.

How do I add more people to the team?

You can always ask us on increasing the developement or design team. Sometimes we have people on bench, few of them undergoing training and few we hire based on the future needs. Raise a request and we shall arrange the developers within 1-2 weeks. They will be quickly onboarded for your project.

Why I should consider a company and not a freelancer?

If you are a too small a company and a small project or small fixes, you should ideally consider a freelancer. However, it is riskier for large and complex projects. It will be also hard when the freelancer is overloade with projects. A company will be more transparent in assigning projects to the right people. If you need a large team in varied capacities, a company is required to support you. We will be guiding you on your projects and will help you with an option in any case. Please reach out to us. 

Why to Outsource?

You should outsource when the task is not something that you can work on, when it is not your core work, when it is cheaper due to currency exchange, due to scarcity of skills or when it is costly locally at your end. It makes sense to get it done by someone effectively. 

How to Pay for Services?

We accept payment via Transferwise or Bank Account Transfers. Usually with the 1st option, it takes less than 24 hours to transfer and it is very easy for multiple countries.