Print & Publishing

Commercial Digital

We have couple of Products in the printing space - especially for the Digital commercial printers who are primarily trade printers. We have a Web to Print system that saves significant time and money for the Production Supervisors to print efficiently on Ricoh, Xerox or Konka Minolta printers.


Farmer & Buyer Marketplace

We created a farmer buyer marketplace - A mobile app for the parties to exchange latest produce.

This enables farmer to deliver directly to the consumers or the market.

This was done using .NET, Sql Server, Ionic Platform.

Flower Trading

Flower Shopping and Shipping

We worked with a Florist to Re-Engineering of their .NET app to the latest version. We migrated their existing code to the new platform with Microsoft Tech stack

The florist is an International businessman who takes orders from all over the globe and ships it to particular destination


Information and News Mobile App

We did a web-based project to manage the news and information of latest healthcare practices. The admins would manage information posting on a web based CMS built on node.js that would reflect on the users' mobile app.


Electronic Batch Manufacturing Records

Implement data capture system,

Performs data integrity checks

Setup deviation.

Route documents to users.

Fill out the documents in sequence and verification.

Capture data electronically

Implement a process and ensure batch supervisor follows the processes

Release the product quickly to market and generate cash quickly.

Setup deviation range and ensure process to record the deviation.

This was done with PHP laravel, mySQ technoloy stack.

Bike sharing


A Mobile app for Bike Bikers and Pillions who wish to ride share. The Biker posts a ride and receives bids from pillions. The biker will choose the best bid and picks up the pillion who is near in his radius specified by hum.

This was done using Ionic, Sql Server, .NET technologies.

Distribution and FMCG

Sales Force Automation

This application would help distributors to appoint, onboard and monitor sales performance of its employees. The employees would be able to make sales on the mobile platform and admins can see the performance..

This was built on Ionic, SQL Server and .NET


File Upload System

The application would enable users to upload multipe large files upto 500 MB size and do PDF corrections and then download into the server.

This was done on Flash,.NET, Sql Server, PDF tools. This tool is proposed for printers who wish to bring customer files on to their machines to print.


Testing and Validation

The college management system had huge data on various institutes and universities with respect to courses.

Our team worked on maintaining, validating and testing of the data on the system.

Wedding Printing

File Split and Crop

We did a Desktop product for the Wedding album printers to split, crop the PDF files. The files would be received by them from Photographers and the desktop utility systematically did cropping of multiple files on 2-3 minutes that saves lot of time for the printers. Typically customers who have HP Indigo, Konika Minolta and Xerox would be ideal customers for this product.

This was developed in .NET, WPF for Windows.


Issue log management

This web based system helps the retailers (computer) to effectively create customers, their issues and assigning them to employees for addressing them.

The employees shall be able to track their pending issues, work on them, update the status etc

The owner would have a dashboard to view the overall performance of the business. The app is done with .NET, SQlL Server